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Family-Owned Company

A Family-Owned Company

In A Nutshell

Veldeman group is a 100% family business founded in 1954 and now active throughout Europe and also in some other areas of the world. The core activity is the development and production of high-quality sleeping systems for the middle and higher market segment.In order to optimally respond to the wishes and needs of these market segments, the group works with a multi-brand strategy. With a very distinct focus for each brand. Over the years, a number of spin-offs have developed from the core activity, including a project business (including hotels) department, an industrial joinery and its own revolutionary glueless pocket spring production. Veldeman group is also a supplier of sleeping comfort for private label customers.

From Core Activity To Spin-Offs

What We Do

Over the years, a number of successful spin-offs have developed from the core activity.

From Craftmanship To Project Business

Among other things, the artisanal production of luxury seating and project furnishings for companies and international hotels.

Own Workshops

The production of mattresses, box springs, slatted bases and sofa beds takes place in our own workshops in Belgium, France and a joint venture in Poland.

In the heart of Europe

Belgium is and remains an important home market for the Veldeman group, but exports to France, the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and other areas are becoming increasingly important.


The aim is to integrate sustainability in all facets of the Veldeman group: from production to well-being, from production method to society.

About The Future

Our Vision

The Pillars Of Success

The Pillars Which
Support The Group


Board Of Directors




Corporate Structure


Brands & Departments





The Board Of Directors Of Veldeman Group Is Composed Of 7 Members

Board Of Directors

Marc Veldeman*

Chairman – Managing Director
Member of the Board

*on behalf of Consuvel NV

Filip Dossche*

Member of the Board

*on behalf of Filip Dossche & Co NV

Hans Schreurs*

Member of the Board

*on behalf of Fibesco BV

Valerie Veldeman

Member of the Board

Luc Dossche*

Member of the Board

*on behalf of Luc Dossche & Co NV

Philip Daenen*

Member of the Board

*on behalf of PVDV GCV

Luc Thijs*

Member of the Board

*on behalf of PUIN 54 BV
Valère Veldeman
Honorary Director
Jef Schreurs
Honorary Director
Roger Souvereyns
Honorary Director

An Executive Committee Headed By Managing Director Marc Veldeman Is Responsible For The Day-To-Day Management Of The Group.

Executive Committee

Marc Veldeman*

Chairman of the Executive Committee

*via Consuvel NV

Member of the Executive Committee

1983-1989: Manager Velda NV
1989-present: Director - CEO Veldeman Group NV
Master of Finance - VLEKHO Brussel
Master of Accountancy - EHSAL Brussel

Hans Schreurs*

Director ICT, HR & Intercompany

*via Hackico BV

Member of the Executive Committee

1989-1995: Internal Controller Aperam Genk
1995-2000: Assistant Manager
2000-2015: Director purchase & logistics
2015-present: Director ICT, HR & Intercompany
Master of Economic Sciences - University Hasselt
Master of Business Administration – University Luik

Koen Berger*

Director Finance & Administration

*via Berkofin BV

Member of the Executive Committee

1989-1991: Manager accountancy Veldeman Group NV
1991-1999: Finance & administrative manager Veldeman Literie Autun
2000-present: Director Finance & Administration
Academic bachelor of accountancy & tax law - HHTI Genk

Geert Geerkens*

Commercial & Marketing Director

*via Stradeccon BV

Member of the Executive Committee

1985-1989: Sales manager Velda
1989-present: Commercial & Marketing Director
Master of Economic Sciences - KU Leuven

Valerie Veldeman*

Business Control & Sustainability Director


Member of the Executive Committee

2015-2017: Member of the Brussels Bar
2017-present: Business Control and Sustainability Director
Master of Laws – KU Leuven
Master of Economic Sciences - KU Leuven
Master of Business Law – University Antwerp

Stijn Grommen*

Director Logistics & Projects
Technical Director

*via Grojac BV

Member of the Executive Committee

1998-2002: Production supervisor Deliva/Ford
2002-heden: Directeur Centraal Bedrijfsbureau
Industrial Engineer in Agriculture - KHK Geel

Philip Daenen*

Legal Counsel


Member of the Executive Committee

2005-2018: Member of the Brussels Bar
2018-present: Legal Counsel
Master of Laws – KU Leuven
Master of Tax Law – University Brussels
LL.M – University of Pennsylvania
Wharton Business and Law Certificate

Guy Onclin*

Executive Attaché

*via Goncofin BV

Member of the Executive Committee

1980-2012: Various positions within the group
2012-present: Executive Attaché
Master of Commercial Engineer – Solvay

Remember The Past

Since 1954

The story of the Veldeman group starts in 1954 with the meeting between a rope merchant and the shop daughter of a furniture store in Runkst, a neighborhood in Hasselt.


The two decide to join forces. Literally. With the rope they tie the steel springs, used by the furniture maker in the seats of upholstered armchairs, together to form a mattress core.


They carefully finish them with a comfortable top layer and bottom and a graceful edge. The first Velda mattress is born.


Valère Veldeman, a rope trader, is now a mattress trader. A first, modest production workshop is being set up behind the shop.

Valère Veldeman further expanded the company into a group that currently has almost 500 employees and is considered one of the largest and most expansive industrial manufacturers in the mattress and bed sector.


In 1989, Valère Veldeman handed over the management of the family business to his son Marc. This transition quickly translates into the introduction of innovative sleeping concepts, diversification in brands for specific target groups and internationalization of both sales and production.


Since 2017, the third generation has also come on board and a sustainable future for the Veldeman group is assured.


  • 1954 Establishment of Velda Matrassen in Runkst / Hasselt
  • 1957 Move to Genk-Bokrijk : Start up Salons department
  • 1966 Move to Oudsbergen
  • 1988 Creation of 1st French branch in Autun
  • 1989 Split Velda Salons / Velda Mattresses
  • Succession by Marc Veldeman
  • 1990 Creation of 2nd French branch in Confolens
  • 1994 Acquisition of Schreurs Oudsbergen Joinery, now DLV International
  • 2007 Autun expansion with logistics center / specialization in French branches
  • 2012 Joint venture with Maison de la Literie (MDL) in France – distribution
    (via establishment of PMF Finance NV)
  • 2013 Establishment of Bovelli – Joint Venture in Poland
  • 2017 Launch of sustainability plan “Velda 2030” ; Entry of 3rd generation
  • 2018 Strategic partnership with AiDi (China)
    Start production of glueless pocket springs (Simar² Components NV)
  • 2020 Launch of e-commerce (
    Vel_you commercial launch (100% circular sleeping system)
  • 2021 Bovelli (Poland) expansion (new factory)

Corporate Structure

After a thorough corporate reorganization in recent years, Veldeman group got a very flat structure. This enables very short and direct decision lines, allowing the organization to respond quickly to any evolution in each of the markets in which it is present.

Decision Lines

Respond To Evolution

After a thorough corporate reorganization in recent years, Veldeman group got a very flat structure. This enables very short and direct decision lines, allowing the organization to respond quickly to any evolution in each of the markets in which it is present. Veldeman group employs just under 500 people in 5 countries. The largest share of this is represented by production employees in Oudsbergen (Belgium) and Autun (France). Since the carve-out of the bed department in 1989, the focus has been on the core activity – the development and production of high-quality mattresses and sleeping systems for a broad target group. This brought new oxygen and still ensures great dynamism in the organization. In recent years, the company has placed extra focus on sustainability and preparing for the digital transformation. The activities in the project department are also increasing year after year and ensure a complementary integration of the group.

The Products Of The Veldeman Group Find Their Way To Customers Throughout Europe And Beyond.

International Structure And Markets

Veldeman Group NV

Industrieweg Noord 1153
BE-3660 Oudsbergen (Opglabbeek)

T. +32 89 36 66 00

VAT BE 0430.621.701

Belgium, Oudsbergen (2)
France, Autun
France, Confolens
Poland, Gniezno

Belgium, Oudsbergen

  • Veldeman Bedding, Sleeping comfort and projects
  • Simar² Components, Glueless spring production
  • DLV International, Industrial joinery
  • VT Automation, Automation projects


France, Autun and Confolens, Sleeping comfort

  • Distribution Literie Veldeman SAS
  • Maison de la Literie Industries SAS
  • Tazo’ Editions SAS


Poland, Gniezno, Sleeping comfort

  • Bovelli Bedding Sp.Zo.O

An Overview Of The Important Brands Represented By The Above Companies.

Our Brands

The products of the Veldeman group find their way to customers throughout Europe and beyond.

The Velda brand forms the basis of Veldeman group and remains the beating heart of the company. Velda's mattresses, slatted bases and box springs find their way to the consumer through an extensive network of bed specialists throughout Europe.

Within Velda we have developed vel_you: our circular sleeping system and also our internal benchmark. This is a world premiere for Veldeman group. We aim for 100% circular products in the future by gradually applying the vel_you philosophy to our entire portfolio.

Fylds', also known as "The Belgian Bed" stands for premium quality and luxury. Each Belgian Bed is made by hand in our own workshops, by master bed makers who live for their craft. Customized and sometimes even a step further. The experience and passion with which these craftsmen complete their work cannot be replaced by any machine.

Glocom is the specialist for the total furnishing of hotels and B&Bs. Over the years, Glocom has provided superior sleep quality and furnishing to numerous hotels, B&Bs and holiday parks at home and abroad. We also put our expertise and experience in total projects for hotels at the service of business and private interior projects.

Craftsmanship, quality and timeless design. We would like to share with you a rare, double pleasure: experience the seating comfort and luxury of a fully handcrafted and upholstered seat every day. After all, the VVIF range meets the strict requirements, in terms of craftsmanship, quality of the materials used, timeless design and balanced upholstery.

The industrial joinery of the Veldeman group offers all kinds of wooden constructions such as pool houses, carports, garden houses and covered terraces tailored to the customer. HBS cottage's machinery is also available to third parties.
Simar² Components NV was created in 2018 for the production of glueless pocket spring cores, known under the name Poqqet. The investment in a patented machine that can produce cores using a unique technology without the use of glue emphasizes the group's sustainable vision.


As a true family business since 1954, we have always been focused on sustainability in a broader sense. We think it is very important to only manufacture products that we can fully support. Both in terms of quality and in terms of production process: every decision is internally tested on sustainability parameters. Our colleagues are our most important assets and we are committed to actively improve their wellbeing.

Innovation Trajectory​

A Sustainable Future

In the design process we use the principles of ecodesign as much as possible. Our R&D team is constantly innovating. We learn more about circular economy every day and we first apply these new insights insight to our vel_you range. Vel_you is our most progressive, circular collection. We then systematically implement the vel_you methodology into all our other products.


It is also essential for us to invest in our employees in a sustainable way. People make all the difference. We strive to create an inclusive, respectful environment where everyone feels heard and seen. Our HR team is constantly working on initiatives related to wellbeing, ergonomics, motivation & diversity.

We offer opportunities to students as much as possible and we enter into all kinds of cooperations with schools. We also enjoy working together with the social economy. In general, we strongly believe in partnerships and always try to build long-term relationships.

We specifically strive for this in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We achieve many sustainable objectives every year, and the SDGs serve as our guideline. Since 2020 we can proudly call ourselves SDG Pioneer. We are currently participating in the SDG Champion track. This trajectory zooms in deeper on the SDGs that are most relevant to our company.

We Listen

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